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The hidden dangers of repeated head trauma

Earlier this year, Aaron Hernandez, an American football player killed himself in his cell after being tried for a double murder. He was a rising football star when his legal issues first became public and many lamented how this put an end to what could have been an extraordinary career. Hernandez’s family decided to donate his brain to the CTE research center in Boston, with the intention to discover whether the athlete was affected by this neurological condition. 
Although I have heard about Chronic traumatic encephalopathy before, it wasn’t until I read the news on Aaron Hernandez that I decided to delve into it. CTE is barely mentioned outside of the United States and I think that European sports authorities should be aware of the problem of repeated head trauma in players.

The consequences of repeated brain trauma amongst boxers are well documented. Dementia pugilistica -a subtype of CTE- has been studied since the late 1920s. Repeated head injuries in boxers can cause a pattern…

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